I read

I read a lot.
I also have a lot of books I haven’t read yet.
I guess that’s why writing seems to be easer for me than posting pics at the moment. That will change though, as I get geared up and set up ~ I’m quite determined. I used to take photos all the time. I’m slowly refinding that impulse.

On the subject of reading, some great podcasts to listen to as I ride (c/- W, and my osteo, Nick):

Will be so much better than listening to the off-station radio that keeps coming on when I try to use voice control with the scala rider… the joys of technology in action :)

I do like silence though.
and I also like music.



I moved house over the weekend. is it possible to get so much done? sometimes I’m not sure. Fortunately for me, the lovely Ramak, Bert and Greg were on hand to get me across the line. I could not have done it without them.

some nice things happened in the process – I donated all of my electronics (tools, components, all manner of bits and pieces including an inhumanly skinny mannequin) to Media Lab Melbourne, to use in workshops and as resources for their hacker space, to give access to people who may not otherwise have access; and with the help of Anni Davey of Circus Oz, I donated my trapeze, stilts, hula hoops, rigging gear, strapping and knee pads to Gamo Circus School, in Ethiopia, which is being set up by Sosina Wogayehu. These kinds of things make me very, very happy – connected to the world in meaningful ways. I also passed all of my sewing bits and bobs, haberdashery and fabrics to Tania, along with every coloured pair of tights I could find (I had a few – almost all wool or cotton, almost all from Japan, all still new/unworn). Tania has always been there for me. I was happy she was willing to take stuff. I also know that if she doesn’t want or can’t use anything, she’ll pass it on to someone who can. Everything else that I don’t need in my next phase, I sold, gave away or donated to goodwill.(the next phase being when I get that awesome job)

Between all this sloughing off I also indulged in accumulation – my lists are getting shorter and longer at the same time.

action cam

and the tank bag and accessories arrived too:


The windshield has an ETA (6 days or so), and Bertie has been helping me choose a sleeping bag and mat – they’re not ordered yet, but I’m getting closer.

As I write this, I’m on the way to Denmark. At the airport, in the duty-free, I picked up:
an SD Card Reader for the iPad
a micro-SD card for the ghost and
an HDMI adapter – for those occasions where I do indulge in staying in a hotel.

Little by little…
or as the wonderful Anne Lamott’s father advised,

Bird by bird, buddy, just take it bird by bird

Getting geared up and thinking about going solo

my first post from my iPad. I’ll add pictures later – it’s a bit messy, but I have to get used to it as this is what I’ll have on the road.

I’ll have to get used to a lot of things.

camping… on my own…
I’ve been camping once as an adult. well, twice if you count the practice solo camp I did in our friends’ back yard, to try out a tent, and test the waters of camping solo. The other time was at Angler’s Rest, by the trout fishing river across from the Blue Duck Inn with my man. we had dinner at the (rightfully famous) pub. It was appropriately chilly, we were well rugged up and it was fun. I liked it. I liked the ride to get there, the ride out, in fact, everything about it. I also liked it in G+M’s back yard. It was cold but I was warm. It rained and I was dry. I felt safe and snug and at one with the elements too…

It’s easy to feel safe in an enclosed back yard with a house full of people I know, love and trust nearby. I’m really curious to see how I go on the road.

Bert is coming with me as far as Adelaide/Alice/Uluru. He’s not a big fan of camping – he prefers the comfort of a big bed with crisp clean sheets, a shower and minibar these days, but I’m hoping to convince him to indulge. He’s done more camping in his life than anyone else I know and he’s also done the ride, mostly solo, around OZ. So he’s ideally placed to help me to think through things and work stuff out. I’ll have enough to work out once I’m on my own – boundaries, comfort thresholds, the highs and lows of being alone (not to mention handling the host of basic technology I’ll have with me).. I want to make the most of his knowledge while he’s at hand. Once we hit the south coast again, after the Red Centre, Bert will turn left and head back to Melbourne and I’ll turn right and head for the Nullarbor. Null Arbor – no trees. It’ll be just me, the road, possibly millions of grey nomads in their RV vans, and my tent… (& a welcoming hearth on the other side, to clean up for a moment, have some company, before I head down around the southern stretch of WA).

it’s exciting. it’s also a little daunting, and there’s a lot to organise…

yesterday I ordered my “tank” bag and the weird attachment my GS needs so it can sit where the tank more typically would be (on my bike they moved the tank to the back). Links here, I hope I like it :) it’s the nicest one I’ve found, for my quirks and aesthetic desires: Evo expandable day pack | transparent map holder | fake tank attachment

I’ve decided on my new helmet (Arai xd4, white), GPS (tomtom rider), intercom (scala rider G9), helmet cam (Ghost Drift S), windshield (Vstream z2471, which I’ll need to modify so it doesn’t lock up with my Barkbusters, or I may need to change my Barbusters over to the standard BMW version, we’ll see). I’m also going to need new tires and new boots shortly, and… well, there’s still a lot to do and there isn’t a lot of time. here’s my schedule:

Sunday 10 August. finish moving house / putting stuff in storage
Wed 13 – Wed 20. unexpected trip to Denmark (pretty exciting)
Sat 23 – Sun 31. my first ever ski trip (I may spend as much time sleeping as I do trying to ski)
Tuesday September 2, the adventure begins.

best I get on with my packing :)

off-road, straight through the mud

dirty Grrrrty - off-road training at HARTs 2aug2014

I did off-road training at HARTs on Saturday. I was thinking it would be dirt training, but with all the rain we’ve had lately the obstacle course was basically logs, berms, hills and bumpy bits, interspersed with pools of water and mud! It was totally great anyway and I got respectably dirty.